Blog Post #16

SLS-France Fall 2023 Week 10 

in Photos + "Ecocritical Threes"

October 30, 2023

Brigitte Stepanov

Welcome to another round of "Ecocritical Threes," a brief three-point summary of the week's theory (in-class discussions) and practice (community engagement and experimental learning). The "Ecocritical Threes" series shares questions posed, reflections had, and anecdotes told, providing a glimpse into the interdisciplinary and intersectional thinking with which we are approaching climate change and climate justice this semester. 

Climate Fresk/La Fresque du Climat

The Climate Fresk is a collaborative workshop that teaches participants the fundamental science behind climate change and empowers them to take action against its consequences. The SLS program participated in two Climate Fresk activities: 1. the Fresk itself, followed by an in-depth debrief discussion, and 2. a Fresk training session. Both activities were facilitated by Léa Ovet, an AgroParisTech engineer specializing in climate and environmental management. After a year traveling around the Mediterranean basin and meeting various actors involved in adapting to climate change, Léa became aware of the urgency of the current ecological crisis. Deciding to devote her professional life to the fight against climate change, she now facilitates workshops focused on environmental issues, such as the Climate and Biodiversity Fresks.

The Climate Fresk debrief session included discussing what social changes must occur on both an individual and collective level to counteract the consequences of climate change. We considered the perceived difficulty and envisioned results of such changes, plotting them along "short to long-term actions" and "minimal to maximal impact" axes.

(Above) Photo credit: Léa Ovet