Blog Post #4

SLS-France Fall 2023 Week 1 

in Photos + "Ecocritical Threes"

August 28, 2023

Brigitte Stepanov

Cities in the time of the Anthropocene/ Capitalocene/Thermocene/Thanatocene/Plantocene/Chthulucene

Welcome to the first installment of "Ecocritical Threes," a brief three-point summary of the week's theory (in-class discussions) and practice (community engagement and experimental learning). The "Ecocritical Threes" series shares questions posed, reflections had, and anecdotes told, providing a glimpse into the interdisciplinary and intersectional thinking with which we are approaching climate change and climate justice this semester. 

Learning about Metz's jardin éphémère and what will happen to the trees in this space come fall (they will be planted where most needed in the Moselle region).

On the first day of class, students discussed their interest in studying sustainability from an interdisciplinary standpoint, the volunteering and community engagement experiences they brought with them to the program, and their hopes for their time in France - and beyond.

Below, notepads for taking notes during our out-of-class experiences and a reusable bag for picking fruits and vegetables.