Blog Post #5

SLS-France Fall 2023 Week 2 

in Photos + "Ecocritical Threes"

September 02, 2023

Brigitte Stepanov

Building Civic Community 

Welcome to the second installment of "Ecocritical Threes," a brief three-point summary of the week's theory (in-class discussions) and practice (community engagement and experimental learning). The "Ecocritical Threes" series shares questions posed, reflections had, and anecdotes told, providing a glimpse into the interdisciplinary and intersectional thinking with which we are approaching climate change and climate justice this semester. 

This week, we visited FJO (Foyer des jeunes ouvriers) and l'Association Carrefour, which both work to help house members of the messin community. 

Volunteering at FJO - Foyer des jeunes ouvriers

FJO's Food Bank 

Volunteering at l'Association Carrefour

The art studio at l'Association Carrefour